How do I place my order?
Our website has all products and services simply call us on 01934 522490

Will I get an invoice?
Yes. A soft copy will be made available to you.

How will I know if the item ordered will fit in the place I want?
In most cases, the dimensions of the listed item will be displayed, so you can confirm the fit prior to ordering. In case the same is not displayed, you may contact us on 01934 522490 and we will try and get you the dimensions prior to your ordering.

Can I change the item after placing the order for it?
Yes you can but the same must be done well in advance. In such case, the differential amount must either be paid by you or in case of refund, will be refunded by us, prior to the delivery. The new delivery schedule may vary depending on the item and model ordered.


Do I need to make any special arrangements prior to delivery?
It is recommended that the spot where the appliance(s) is to be placed and installed is kept clear and ready for it to be installed. Based on the dimensions, especially larger items, it is advisable to ensure that the access from your doorstep to the place where it is to be installed is kept clear. On the day of delivery, kindly keep the driveway clear for our delivery van to park and unload.

How will I know when the item will be delivered to my residence?
Once the your order is ready for dispatch, you will be contacted by email and/or phone on the expected delivery date and time.

Can I request an alternate delivery date?
Yes, but the same must be intimated at least 48 hours prior to delivery.

What if you are unable to deliver on the appointed date?
It is possible that for reasons beyond our control, for instance inclement weather or unforeseen traffic blockage, we shall inform you and request an alternate date.

Can I change my delivery address?
Yes you can but the same must be informed to us at least 48 hours prior to the delivery date.

Is the delivery free of cost or will I be charged?
The delivery is free unless same day delivery is required (and available)

What postcodes do you deliver to
We deliver to our local area of North Somerset and some surrounding towns/villages and Near Bristol in the following postcode regions.
BS8-BS9, BS11, BS20-BS29, BS40-BS49, TA8-TA9


Do you charge for installation?
Yes. The charges depend on the appliance(s) ordered and whether you have paid for the same during the ordering process.

Will your engineers disconnect my earlier appliance prior to installing the new one?
Yes. Our engineers can disconnect your old appliance if paid for during the ordering process.

In case any masonry changes have to be made for installation of the new appliance, will your engineers do it?
No. Any masonry or carpentry works needs to be arranged by you and completed prior to installation by our engineers.
The refitting of integrated appliance door fronts which is included when installation is paid for is excluded.

Gas Appliances
You will also have to ensure that the Hot Zone i.e. the area between the Hob or cooker and above it, must be clear of any inflammable materials like wallpaper, wood panel etc.

Do your engineers bring along connecting cables and hoses?
Yes. Our engineers bring along the necessary connecting cables and hoses but only if the installation has been paid for during the ordering process.

I didn’t pay for installation while placing the order, can I pay for it later?
Yes just give a call on 01934 522490 to arrange this.

New Appliance Warranty

Who carries out any in warranty repairs with an appliance I have purchased from you?
All warranty repairs are performed by the manufacturer or one of its appointed agents according to their term and conditions.

All appliances have to be registered with the manufacturer as specified in the documentation you will receive with your purchase,
this is your responsibility and we can not be held responsible for any failure of a warranty due to this not being carried out or non
compliance with the manufacturers terms and conditions.

The appliances we sell are designed for a domestic environment not a commercial one.
All the appliances we supply are new and will come with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

Can you arrange an in warranty appointment?
While we cannot arrange the appointment for you we can advise you on contact details or things to check before booking a service call.


How do I know what items are repaired by you?
Our website details all brands and appliances that we repair. In case you have a brand or appliance not listed on our site, call us and we will try and fix it.

What are the repair charges?
That will depend on what needs repairing and what component(s) requires replacement.
The same can be estimated only after our engineer inspects the appliance to be repaired.

Do you repair the appliance in my location or does it have to be moved to your workshop?
Our engineer will take a call on that after inspection. We will always try and repair the same at your location, however, if the appliance needs to be taken to our workshop, then extra charges may apply (this however is very rare)

Repairs Warranty

Where we supply and fit a spare part there is a 90 day guarantee against failure due to faulty manufacturing or defect of those parts inc vat and labour costs. There is no warranty where we have not supplied the spare part(s) in any event. For example where you the customer have provided the spare part and we have fitted it.

A repair to an appliance which involved the removing of foreign objects from the appliance which was causing a fault carries no warranty.


In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us between 8AM – 5PM, Mon-Thurs & 8AM – 4.30PM Fri on 01934 522490.
You can also email us using the contact form at the foot of the website.

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